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I have always been intrigued about the idea of a past lives regression... but at the same time had a healthy amount of skepticism... but curious and certainly open to learning more about it, I met with Kathleen to give it a try.  
I wasn't sure how I would be as the subject of any kind of hypnosis, because I always thought I would not be able to be very readily hypnotized... 
At one point Kathleen asked me "where are you?" and I remember thinking I'm in Pennsylvania... and then she said ,do you know the name of where you are like the town or anything?" And part of what I was remembering / visualizing was a big old Inn that I apparently lived in and I believe was the owner of... and when she asked the name, I said "Clover Hill"... and she said "is that the name of the town or the hotel??"  I said "I don't know but that's the name of where I am".... Anyway, later that night after I went home, of course I did what all of us would probably do and I googled Clover Hill Pennsylvania, just to see what would come up ... and I was really stunned when a town with that name in Western Pennsylvania came up!! This was not a town that I have ever heard of before I have never travelled around through western Pennsylvania.  I have been to Pittsburgh once in my life on business, and I never heard of Clover Hill Pennsylvania before. I don't know any reason why I would say that town. I didn't even know if it was really a town until I looked it up....  And then with just minimal Google research, I found the Clover Hill House that was an old Inn from the 1800s..... and when she asked me when I was what year... I had said it was 1890 - 1900 and this Inn went through a big renovation in 1880.... After that that it changed names to be called the William Penn Inn.  It had hidden rooms that were used to hide runaway slaves.... which is something that I have had frequent dreams about in my life, remembering hiding with people in rooms much like Anne Frank. 
So all in all, skeptic or not, it's certainly interesting and raises a lot of questions when you're actually able to remember things that you really would not have any way of knowing.... 

Josephine L

Middle Island, NY

Today was the first day I met Kathleen, and she was amazing!!  Kathleen was able to connect with my Dad who had crossed over.  There was information provided and memories shared through Kathleen that were remarkably precise leaving me with no doubt that my dad was letting me know he was still with me and watching over our family in Spirit.  To have that reassurance warms my broken heart that misses him dearly.

Nancy D

East Patchogue, New York



From karate teacher to yogi, finding out Kathleen was involved in Reiki, I had to try it out.  I found my session to be highly informative since I'm always looking for ways to deal with my anxiety.  As well as deeply relaxing, I still haven't forgotten the beautiful place I found during this experience.  As a yoga teacher, I also found my session to be very enlightening.  I think it's important for us to make more time for ourselves, whether it's for physical or spiritual reasons.  Even practicing yoga every day, I left my session with more tools I can use to take care of myself and try to share with others.  Taking some time to learn about this with Ms. Sauli would be very beneficial.

Sean Cohen

Ridge, New York


Although I was excited about my reading, I was also a bit anxious.  However, Kathy's warm personality put me at ease immediately.  She explained the process to me, and I felt comfortable throughout the entire reading.  She was able to connect to multiple family members bringing forth memories and messages.  It was exciting to recall memories and fun experiences I had with my grandfather; Kathy was able to describe smells and events that amazed me!  Bringing forth a loving message from my mom was exactly what I needed to hear.  I am so grateful to have been able to have this experience and would absolutely refer Kathy to my friends and family.


New York


I had a psychic reading with Kathy Sauli the other day and I must say, she did not disappoint!  I've had a few readings in the past and while I am not a disbeliever, I was never convinced that those other psychics were really getting messages for ME.  During my reading with Kathy, she delivered messages from both of my grandmothers, who could not be more different from each other.  She presented enough evidence to show me (someone who lost part of their leg, someone named Nora, and a funny story about cigarettes, among other things), that yes, these people were indeed MY deceased family members!  Even better, these family members came through to give me an inspirational shove of a message that I instantly knew I needed to hear.  Beautiful!  I know that Kathy has a wonderful future delivering healing messages and showing us through her gift that our loved ones continue to take part in our lives and watch over us from above.

Melinda L

Middle Island


For years I have been plagued with debilitating bursitis in my hips. Traditional medical means of therapy have become ineffective over time so I decided it was time to try something alternative. This leads me to Kathy. I was convinced  after the first meeting with Kathy that she is truly a gifted healer. After that first Reiki session, I walked pain free, slept through the night for the first time in weeks, and felt at peace about my pain management. I have had several sessions with her since and always leave with much more than relief in my hips. Kathy is a calming, peaceful therapist, who treats your whole body and mind with her gift.

Suzanne Sheppard




I had a reading with Kathleen Sauli on December 31st. What a fabulous way to end the year and look forward to what the future has in store. Without a doubt, Kathleen has a gift and what a treasure chest it was to have her open this box of connections with those near and dear to me and my family with those members of our family who have crossed over. Kathleen suggested I take notes which was such an important piece of the reading she was capable of giving to me. My only regret was not having a few tissues near me as spirit came to visit and give back such beautiful, memorable and life affirming thoughts, stories and images to let me know that those close to me are still with me. Kathleen was capable of providing such exact comments by spirit that ABSOLUTELY NO OTHER PERSON other than myself could possibly know. I am not a skeptic at all and was hoping for some of my loved ones to come through, but what I received through Kathleen was priceless! Knowing that my loved ones are with me and other members of my family is a feeling that I cannot possible express other than to say I am more at peace than I have ever been since my loved ones have crossed over. Kathleen's manner, presentation, ability to connect with spirit was calming and for me, overwhelming emotionally (but in a good way) more than I ever could have imagined.

Whether you are a skeptic or a believer, give yourself the present of a lifetime, contact Kathleen Sauli and strap yourself in for a most satisfying, eye opening, life changing opportunity that you won't regret.

Bonnie Perlmutter

Mount Sinai


I hadn’t experienced a reading in many years and was a little anxious when my appointment was approaching. Kathy confirmed my appointment several days before it was to take place which gave me a chance to review her instructions from the first email I received. She arrived on time and had a very calming presence. This presence allowed me to relax for my reading. Some of the resentments I’ve been holding for a long time were explained and are now allowing me to work on releasing them from my life. I will be recommending Kathy to my friends those of my friends who are open to receiving a message for themselves. All the best,

Darlene S.


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